Like card magic but sick of “pick a card” trick? Then check out this handling of Peter Nardi’s V-DECK. There is SOMETHING that occurs to make this work, but it’s imperceptible, easy to do, and never seen. This is a practical card closer, which you can do without the aid of a table.

Imagine handing your spectator a deck of cards. They examine the deck, remove and sign any card (absolutely no force). Their signed card is now placed into the box with the rest of the deck.

The boxed deck is now placed on your spectators’ hand. They look you in the eyes as you ask them to relax and concentrate on their card. You ask them to imagine that every card in the box is going to vanish one by one. Your spectator starts to react as they actually feel this happening. They feel the box getting lighter and lighter. It actually feels like the cards are de-materialising in their hands!

Now just watch their reactions as they freak out (This really is a strange feeling for the participant)

The box gets lighter until it feels empty, well almost empty! When the box is turned over they can see it only contains one card…their signed card!

V-Deck is very easy to do (almost self-working) and comes complete with a full instructional DVD that covers this effect in full detail. The DVD also includes some knockout bonus routines By Peter Nardi and Dave Loosely

The V-Deck is something you will want to add to your act, a true worker in every sense!

“What took this brilliantly clever concept so long to be re-invented in such a naturally deceptive way?” Gregory Wilson

“What a great step forward from the original Rob Bromley effect. Why hasn’t this been available until now? Think of all those gasps we’ve been missing!” Nick Einhorn

“To take a beautiful Illusion and make it more organic for the worker is a stroke of pure genius. The VDeck is a stunning step forward” Marc Spelmann

About Peter Nardi

Peter Nardi has been in the business of magic for over twenty years. As founder and owner of Alakazam Magic, he has been at the forefront of everything that is new in magic for longer than most. This also gives him an extensive knowledge of many diverse principles in all areas of the art.

Over the number of years he has been performing magic, Peter has also been developing a different set of skills based on some of the more esoteric aspects of psychology and suggestion.

Using these new abilities has enabled him to develop an entirely different kind of show, one where the audience begin to genuinely question exactly what the human mind (including theirs!) is actually capable of.

Using subliminal influence, intuition, mind control and thought projection, Peter touches the minds of everyone in the audience.
Some laugh, some shake their heads in disbelief, but everyone agrees on one thing: if mind-reading is possible, this is what it must look like!