3′s A Crowd by Mark Mason

Mark Mason has 20 years of performing under his belt. Not only does Mark perform for the some of the worlds leading corporate companies, he lectures for magicians and is worldwide accepted as one of the greatest magic demonstrators ever.

Look like an absolute card master with NO moves, switches or sleights.

1. Remove 3 threes from your deck and throw away the 4th three.
2. Hand the 3 threes out for examination and make sure everyone can see there are NO OTHER THREES.
3. Clearly weave the threes with indifferent cards, and with NO moves, switches or sleights, the threes separate themselves from the other cards.

This is repeated a second time with the threes face up. The threes are once again mixed in between any 3 regular cards in the cleanest, fairest manner. The spectator actually sees every three being placed in between any 3 indifferent cards. Under these impossible circumstances, the cards once again separate from each other.

* No sleight of hand
* Super easy to do
* The gaff can be left in any deck all the time, so you are always ready to perform
* Instantly reset to go again.

3′s a Crowd comes complete with two special gimmicks: 1 RED, 1 BLUE and a full training DVD.

About Penguin Magic

Penguin Magic is located in Las Vegas, Nevada. They sell magic tricks, DVDs, videos, and performance supplies to magicians of all skill levels throughout the world.

What started out as an unfair dismissal turned into a blessing in disguise. Maxwell Murphy and Acar Altinsel started Penguin Magic in June 2002. They chose a penguin as their mascot because it looks like this bird was born with a tuxedo on so it is always ready to perform… hence the slogan “Born to perform” and Penguin Magic is born. It started out as a little “warehouse” (actually it was an apartment on top of a university) with boxes of merchandise from floor to ceiling. At first delivery trucks had to turn around in the parking lot but soon that turned into warehouses being opened in Las Vegas, London, and Sacramento, delivering magic products to 169 countries world-wide.

This is their passion. They do things a little differently than other magic stores. They have a vision of the perfect place to learn to be a magician, and they work everyday to bring that vision to life. They spend a lot more time in the studio producing instructional videos, and in the field testing new products.

“We share your excitement about magic, we love to perform, and we want to see your talent fostered. We have witnessed firsthand the kind of personal development that people of all ages experience through magic and performance. This kind of growth gives meaning to the work that we do. Thinking about all of the proud smiles makes it fun to come to work each morning.”

“Magic is different than other hobbies and even other performance arts. Magic has a very strong and wonderful community aspect to it. We’re proud to be a part of that community, and we welcome you and look forward to sharing our love of magic with you. “

“Magic is a powerful tool for connecting people and stimulating growth and development. Penguin Magic is privileged to be a part of The Penguin Foundatio